Saturday, December 4, 2010

Herb Channeler, Part Six!

It's just gotten silly how far behind I am.  So I promised Carolee of Carolee's Herb Farm a few weeks ago that I would blog about her website.  Haven't been to her farm yet, but some day we will meet, Carolee!  Several weeks ago, I was searching on Google for herbal sweatshirts and found Carolee's website.  Since I love herb books, I decided to treat myself and buy her autobiographical/fictional tales of her life and starting her herb farm.  They are chock (my new favorite word) of herbal information and recipes.  She has been growing herbs for a long time, but got her herb farm started in 1992.  It is somewhere between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne near Hartford City, Indiana.  So you should go visit next year when the herb farm opens April 1.  If you are looking for a last minute herbal holiday gift though, check out all her books and products she sells at the link above.  I have also added her website as a link in my favorites list on the right hand side of this blog.  I'll just keep putting up posts until I get caught up!  Ha!  As you know, I get interrupted by The Herbal Husband's movie cravings and other nonsense!  It is ridiculously cold here already!  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be!  Talk to you sooner than you may think!


seanymph said...

I think being MIA this time of year is normal. I havent been here as much since the holidays hit too. Finally got some of the many fruitcakes done that I send to friends and now Im working on the chocolate bark. Still have lots of cookies to bake. The only decor I have so far is a holly garland over my bed I just bought and a fresh wreath for the door lol.

Carol said...

I've been stumbling around trying to decide what to do about the holidays. Yesterday I decided I was going to make HP Soap and blend some herbal teas for gifts. I even hung wreath on the front door and spray painted some branches for the mantle. Just simple decor this year.

lemonverbenalady said...

I don't have any decor or baking going yet. However, working on that artemisia tree! I like simple as well, Carol! Thanks ladies for stopping by!