Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Travel Thursday--Afternoon Tea At the Lanesborough!

It's OH MY GOSH time! One of my favorite afternoons in London was at the Lanesborough Hotel for tea! The Herbal Husband said I don't think I have ever been pampered like that before! It is very ritzy! Our friend and tearoom owner, Nancy Reppert, who owns Sweet Remembrances Tearoom, recommended the Lanesborough. You didn't let us down, Nancy! As you can see the lobby flowers were amazing!

Mango and Passion Fruit with cream to start! Then we had a Stilton Cheese and Red Onion Tart. Very good.
This is our whole tea tray. It was very lovely. Here are some of the choices. (I wish they had had a menu!) The bottom plate contained the tea sandwiches: tuna mayo and caraway seed bread, cheddar and chutney on onion bread, curried egg salad on white bread, sundried tomato bread with cucumber and cream cheese and smoked salmon on a roll. Delish!!!! The middle plate had an apricot cheesecake (I don't think I got mine!), lemon poppyseed bread and carrot bread with crushed nuts. The top plate had a chocolate surprise, caramelized banana tower and hazelnut cake. YUMMY!

Then the Herbal Husband couldn't wait to try the clotted cream (it's his middle name). So here come the scones and tea cakes. Nancy, your scones are still the best! Of course, there were endless cups of Lanesborough Afternoon Blend tea poured from a lovely teapot! With the piano music in the background it was a lovely afternoon of tea at the Lanesborough Hotel. Next time, our hotel in London.


Comfrey Cottages said...

oooo i am feeling a bit green eyed!!lol so happy you enjoyed such an elegant tearoom! gorgeous pics! thanks for sharing this slice of your trip with us! hugs :)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

You are very welcome! ;>]