Saturday, September 19, 2009

Definitely Beautiful This Time of Year!

I always have red flowered sage in our garden.  It attracts so many beneficial insects and one bird in particular, the hummingbird!  So please think of planting this annual workhorse in your garden.  If it likes the spot you plant it, it may self sow!  Teashop Girl asked if the leaves would be good for tea and I told her the leaves have the faint smell of paint thinner!  Not a tea kind of sage!  Have a great weekend wherever you may be!


Teashop Girl said...

Looks great. I wonder if one can put sage in tea? Might taste...interesting. :)

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi Laura,

I just ran out into the garden and took a whiff of the leaves. I don't think you want to use this one for tea. It has the faint smell of paint thinner! Hope to get to read your blog some day soon. I'm woefully behind! Thanks for stopping by.