Saturday, September 26, 2009

Herbal Kitchen Gardens!

I got a chance to speak for the Butler County master gardeners.  Had a great time and I hope they enjoy it too!  I just wanted to make clear that you should feel free to mix vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers together in your garden whether you call it a kitchen garden or just your garden.  My message got lost in wanting to give them other information.  The garden above is from Surreybrooke off of I-70 in Middletown, MD.  A great family owned establishment!  Please keep these kinds of nurseries going!

One of the definitions of kitchen gardens is that it has an enclosure meaning a fence or wall or other enclosure, an entry gateway, a path system whether it is an "X" or a "T" or a cross to define the beds and a rich mix of vegetables, fruit, flowers and above all (my words) herbs!


comfrey cottages said...

very beautiful nursery! i agree, we all should all support family run businesses. oh how i wish i could have listened to your herb talk nancy!:) i guess my herb gardens must be a bit traditional then. my hubby likes to "fence" everything, and put a fence around all my gardens by using those scalloped concrete block fences all around my areas!lol i am a lot more free flowing and would probably never have spent the money on them, nor worried about plants spilling out over the grass;-) mine do have anice mix of things too. really nice post and lovely pic and link dear! big herbal and honey hugs to you and thanks for sharing:)

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Leslie as always for your comments! We will have to do a Turnpike stop or meet at a nice herb farm half way between for the two of us! We could do some damage, couldn't we? LOL! A big herbal hug for you always! I have to make the rounds and read my blogs! I'm way behind! I'm going to make chamomile tea bags at the moment! My work area in the basement is worse than my last post last year and I had to take an herbal timeout! I may have to give myself another one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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