Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There's a Frog Trying to Get in the House!

The Herbal Husband was picking figs at night!  That's a story for another time!  He ran upstairs and interrupted my nap while watching the U.S. Open tennis with...there's a frog trying to get in the house.  Bring the camera for a picture!  Well, I knew it was not a frog, but probably a toad.  Maybe it's the toad from earlier in the year that I found out in the front garden.  It was really dark on the patio and the first photo missed!

This photo is a little better, but here is a little better one.  The Herbal Husband thinks it's the one from the front.  He/she was really exposed on the patio and when we looked for him/her this morning, it had vanished!  Toads do a good disappearing act!   Here is the earlier post.  I think it might be a relative.  You decide!  Hope you have toads or frogs in your garden!


Tufa Girl said...

I do have toads is my yard. Actually due to the heat they have holes down into the ground in my yard. I want to fill them in but I am so afraid somebody maybe home. Sigh.

lemonverbenalady said...

That would be a tough choice! I wouldn't want to close it up and then have something trying to dig out!