Monday, June 7, 2010

Hangin' Out At the Pool!

Oh, I mean the birdbath!  This grackle is an old guy or maybe sick.  He moves slowly (Except when he is dashing for a broken peanut!) and he shakes a little (sort of what I'm going to be like soon!).  He seems to be enjoying the day after taking a drink and a bath!  We love the birds and hope this guy will be around a bit longer.  When The Herbal Husband threw him opened peanuts, he got them in his bill and then went into the sage bed in front of my herb garden.  He has good taste.  Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


Wendy said...

you are so funny! I feel this way sometimes now too ;-) The top of my birdbath broke over the winter and so my birds are not so happy as yours. Blessings!

lemonverbenalady said...

We have several birdbaths, Wendy. We had one in the back of our property that each year would get trashed by the crows. It was one that had a bowl and pedestal separately. maybe like yours. They would tip it over and it would break. I think it became a game for them. They are a very humorous group of birds. We got a concrete one of the back and that stopped the game and one piece baths for the front and everyone seems to have fun. I love when parents teach the babies to bathe and sometimes the babies are bigger than the parents. Thanks for stopping by, Wendy. Blessings to you as well.