Sunday, June 10, 2012

Borage 101

The seedlings in this photo are borage!  They can't stay here!

Borage is a beautiful plant but it can also take up valuable space!
Here is the back of the borage hedge where the greens are flourishing!
I decided to answer some of your questions that you wrote in your comments with another post.  Yes, Tracey Steele, borage does get way bigger from the young seedlings you see in photo one.   Now that you have seen mine, you will be able to space yours better.   I think FlowerLady asked if these were from seed.  Yes and no.  I think I got my first two plants from my neighbor and herbal companion, Bonnie.  So when I want to discuss taking plants out, the borage becomes "Bonnie's plant".  Sorry Bonnie. 

For the most part, as long as you remember that borage does get huge, it attracts beneficials which is always a good thing and the pink flowers that turn blue are coveted by gardeners (Yes, I did think I had the wrong plant at first because the flowers are first pink and then turn blue!).  The downside as you might be able to see in the second photo, borage springs up in the pathways and crowds out other plants.  Borage is blocking a maintenance path and I'll be getting in there soon and taken the extras out.  So we did get a package of seeds at some point (I think from a German audience member at one of my talks!) and planted more borage with seed, FlowerLady.  I think we are cruising on self-sowing at the moment.  And yes, PeggyR, sometimes no matter what or how you plant it, borage does not come back.

The last photo is of the back of the borage hedge.  As you might be able to see, the greens are shaded by the size of the borage.  One other point, borage is hard to transplant.  The Herbal Husband when I tell him it can't be transplanted just does it to prove me wrong!  So I would try to transplant it as small as you can and keep it watered.  Like the small seedlings in the first photo would work.  In a nutshell, once you plant borage whether it is plant or seed, it should self-sow for you.  I think that harsh winters can end the self-sowing cycle of borage.

We are very hot today and tomorrow and then we are going to cool down.   Check out some of my blogging buddies, they have great blogs.  You may find a new one to read or follow.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.


Cottage Tails said...

Thanks I won't try and move mine now as too big. Ours is flowering - it is winter here feels too early??? Or does it have a long flowering I keep meaning to look this up.
Love Leanne

lemonverbenalady said...

I think it's several weeks, Leanne, depending on the size of the plant and number of flowers. Suddenly they just collapse and look bad though. Just when company arrives! As usual for my luck! xxoo Nancy

Carol said...

I keep forgetting to plant my borage..I bought seeds..I know they are here somewhere :0) To much going on I guess. Right now I'm knee deep in plums.

lemonverbenalady said...

I know there is always something else to get to, Carol! Thanks for stopping by!