Monday, June 4, 2012

A Special Day for One of My Favorite Herbal Friends!

This photo is a favorite of mine because the Reppert sisters of The Rosemary House were actually visiting Pittsburgh with one of their fabulous bus trips in 2010.  I got to join them for one of Nancy's fabulous lunches at Rodef Shalom's Biblical Botanical Garden.  So the special day belongs to Susanna on my right.  She is 50 today!  Just a number Susanna!  We all have lucky lives and you have the luckiest to be embraced by your family and a whole community of bloggers and herbie people.  Have a wonderful, wonderful day, Susanna.  If you have a chance go by their blog, Rosemary's Sampler and wish her well.  It is a cool crisp day in the 'Burgh.  Got to keep weeding and planting.  Mailing some magazines today.  If you haven't e-mailed me your information, please do so.  Talk to you later.


Carol said...

I'll have to stop by and leave her a comment. Love the dragonfly in your previous pot!!It's been busy busy here with all of the landscaping projects... I'm playing catch up with all of my favorite bogs this morning :0)

Rosemary said...

Nancy, thanks for remembering my big 5-0. It's always fun when we can get together! Susanna

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Carol for stopping by.

You are very welcome Susanna!