Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Down, Shelley and A Few To Go!

Sometimes with The Herbal Husband I pick what battles I'm really going to fight for.  I have been trying to quietly get the butterfly bushes removed from the patio for a while.  Not only because they are an invasive species, but the roots will ruin the patio!   My master gardener friend, Shelley was over the other day and added to the pressure I was putting on him to move them.  It worked Shelley, sort of.  You might think that the first butterfly bush was a back for the concrete bench!  Frankly it was just in the way and fortunately for me not flowering!  That would have been the kiss of butterfly bush death if it had been flowering.  Meaning it would have been moved after it was done flowering, maybe.  I have been saying to him that it is on the invasive list and he finally heard me!  Of course, this project was not on any list, but out the butterfly bush came.

Then there was a brick that had sunk down in the patio and he had to fix that as well.  Here is the finished view.
We have to work on the left side of the photo.  There are two butterfly bushes there in full bloom, but we'll move those in the fall, hopefully.  As The Herbal Husband said now you can sit on your bench on a hot day and contemplate how long you're going to sit there!  Hey as long as it's moved out, it is always a good thing for me!  Hope you are having a wonderful Father's Day.  Talk to you later.


Carol said...

All of my butterfly bushes died last year...I guess they could take the heat .

lemonverbenalady said...

I'll send some extras your way, Carol.:)

Carla said...

They do need a lot of room, that is for sure. I have three in my butterfly garden, but that has plenty of room for them. I would not plant them close to the house though, as you say they are invasive.

Your view is stunning! I love the brick patio. Wish I were sitting there now enjoying my morning coffee.

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Carla. My mg friend, Shelley calls our patio an herbal arboretum because we hardly get to sit and have any kind of beverage! Have to change that!