Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just One More Post-A Longwood Christmas-Nighttime Continues and Ends with Breakfast!

The 18 footer lit up!

That Spectacular Table!

The Acacia Passage

The Mediterranean Garden Tree

The Agave Tree in the Silver Garden

The Succulent Wreath in the Silver Garden

The Trees Were Beautiful

Even Had Ornaments

I Think I Moved My Hand So This Tree Looks Fringed!

I Must be Getting the Shakes!

The Main Fountain and the Lights Made it Look Like Water

An Allee of Brillant Trees!

A Great Place for Breakfast in Kennett Square

Kennett Square Eggs with Rosemary Polenta!

Dragonfly Lights at Sinclair's
OK, so we didn't spend the night at Longwood.  The lights, of course, got better as the night went on.  There was a full moon either the night before or the night we were there.  Couldn't find it until after we left the grounds.  We did go to Hank's Place for dinner in Chadds Ford.  Friday morning we packed and went into Kennett Square and had breakfast at Sinclair's Sunrise Cafe & Tearoom.  The Kennett Square area is known for mushrooms.  Who knew?  So my eggs had mushrooms and smoked Gouda cheese.  Delish!  Then that rosemary polenta!  It was really good.  Bonnie and I really enjoyed our breakfasts and tea.  So that finishes our trip to the east.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I'm going to start working on some wreaths and other holiday items.  So I'll share what I'm doing with you.  I hope you are having a great day.  We heard today about our friend's ex-husband who suddenly passed away in October. They introduced The Herbal Husband and I 29 years ago.  Also my dear blogging friend, Flower Lady in Florida lost her dear DH this morning.  Blessings to Kate and her daughter, Sarah and Lorraine.  I'll talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

That table is just stunning! I would love to walk along the Acacia Passage too. The whole place is so beautiful in the day and at night.
Your breakfast sounds delicious. Rosemary Polenta is something I know I would like.

Tufa Girl said...

I went to Longwood Gardens back in 1987 (I lived in CT then). I was visiting a sister of a dear friend who had recently died. She insisted I come and see the gardens but was not a gardener herself so she sent her teenage son with me for the day. I figured it would be a fast tour as I would not torture my driver. He was polite at first but it was such wonder to see how a non-gardener was overcome with the beauty of the place.

Well, needless to say I loved it and truly want to make it up there again. Maybe I can get my sweetie up that way this year sometime.

Love the tour of Christmas lights it only makes me want to go even more. Thank you.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, Tracey, it was just breathtaking. I do want to make the polenta and I don't think it is difficult and I'll share the recipe.

I think TG Longwood gets better every year I go and it is because of Mr. duPont, the continuing contributors, the staff and the massive volunteer forces that have it improving every year. I think it really doesn't matter your age or gender or income there is truly something for everyone and it makes everyone happy this time of year. I knew the Xmas lights would make you happy.

Thanks ladies for stopping by. xxoo Nancy