Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Golden Ray of Sunshine on A Hot Day!

I hope you are staying cool on this July Sunday!  It already feels like 90 here in the 'Burgh.
Wanted to highlight some of the selections I bought from Well Sweep Farm.  I got this a couple of years ago when I did the lemon herb garden. Maybe it was where it was placed that it didn't make it.  So I got a couple of these and we planted them above the rock wall.  Oh, sorry, you want to know what plant I am talking about Tanacetum parthenium 'Aureum', golden feverfew!  I really love the daisy like flowers of feverfew and then the golden color of the leaves.  What is your favorite in your herb garden this season?

As of this morning I have made 11 batches of raspberry jam or 44 total jars so far!  I am just about to take a break between old cane production and new canes starting to produce berries.  We will be cutting the old canes down and that will make my picking of round two easier.  Hope you are staying cool wherever you may be.  Will talk to you tomorrow!
One of My New Favorites-Golden Feverfew!


composerinthegarden said...

Absolutely love golden feverfew, Nancy - I let it reseed all through the garden. It looks pretty and the deer leave it alone.

Carol said...

NOW THAT'S A LOT OF JELLY!!! I'll be making some blackberry jelly this week but only a small batch as I only have a few plants. Rooting more as we speak so the row will get longer and longer :)