Sunday, July 31, 2016

Enough Lemon & Lime Basil for Jelly And August is Tomorrow?

Well I can't believe tomorrow is August.  That means a couple of things in the herb garden.  You had better be harvesting herbs that you want for winter in earnest and it is almost the end of summer already!  Oh and one more thing I will be going back to posting sporadically from now on.
We have had over an inch of rain in the last couple of days.  A blessing!  I have been out weeding since I spent time in the Western Reserve Herb Garden in Cleveland.  Will try to update that post with more photos.  Busy making lemon & lime basil jelly this morning.  Not enough of either one to make lemon or lime, so it's an herbal combo!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!  Will talk to you soon.  Have an blogging anniversary coming up and that means one thing, a giveaway!  Stay tuned!  P.S.  I have also added more photos to our visit to the Western Reserve Herb Garden visit the other day with Kathleen Gips!

I also have updated my banner photo with a plaque that was designed by Philippa Threlfall of Black Dog Decorative Tiles.  It is frost proof so I am hoping to find a space to hang it near the herb garden.  The words are taken from a book written by Thomas Fromon, published in 1535.  The herbs chosen are based on various engravings from sixteenth century Herbals, marjoram used as a strewing herb, rosemary adding flavor to meat, thyme, add savor to forcemeats (a combo of meat and veggies added to stuffing) and stuffings and mint for flavoring sweet and savory dishes.
Giving the Lemon & Lime Basils A Rough Chop!

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Carol said...

I'm so far behind on herb harvesting that I'm taking the hedge trimmer to some of them tomorrow and feeding the compost pile. :( take a week off out of town and things go into over drive.