Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Off to the Jersey Shore! Oh Wait! No! It Was Off to the Jersey Herb Farm, An English Tearoom and Willowwood!!

So day two of the Pennsylvania road trip was actually extending the road trip into New Jersey!  One of my favorite and one of the best herb farms in the east is Well Sweep Herb Farm.  The Hyde family are collectors of plants specifically herbs.  It is like a wonderful place for the herb gardeners/collectors like Bonnie and I.  I am always at Well Sweep for their Christmas shop in November.  So Louise Hyde, grand dame of Well Sweep was surprised to see me in June!  I like to keep her guessing.  If you are looking for unusual herbs, Well Sweep is the place for you.  They have both a print and digital catalog and they do do mail order.  I have mail ordered in the last several years and it is like a wonderful Christmas surprise in May.  Very enjoyable, herbally speaking.
Look How Happy I am to be at Well Sweep!
They Have Beautiful Display Gardens with Everything Identified!
So Many Herb Varieties, So Little Time!
A Really Lovely Knot Garden!
Still Early in the Garden Season, But Already Looking Good!
We just had the best time going from bed to bed seeing all of the varieties of herbs that they offered!  It was a fabulous visit and of course, we came away with lots of plants!  Then it was off to one of my favorite tearooms in Chester, New Jersey called Sally Lunn's Tearoom & Restaurant.  I love their afternoon tea any time of day.  Sandwiches of egg, cucumber and cream cheese and salmon, fruit and a big oversized scone with clotted cream and jam.  Bonnie had one of the many specials of the day, lobster sliders and salad.  Everything was fresh made and delicious!  To top it off big glasses of iced tea because it was too hot for hot tea!  Always enjoy my visit to Sally Lunn's!

On Perry Street in Chester is My Favorite, Sally Lunn's!
My Afternoon Tea!
Bonnie's Lobster Sliders and Salad!
So I really don't have time usually to explore the Chester, NJ area because I have to rush back to pick up The Herbal Husband after his top show.  So I Googled before Bonnie and I started this adventure for gardens in the area and found the Willowwood Arboretum just 9 miles away from the tearoom.  Started in 1908 by two brothers, Harry and Robert Tubbs and Harry's adopted son, Dr. Benjamin Blackburn developed the land into Willowwood which has become New Jersey's most comprehensive and continuously operating arboretum.  A little Chanticleer like but different with a lot of land to explore.  Glad we got to see a small portion of this beautiful arboretum.  For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse where I had the salmon.  It was delish!  

Has a Very Country Feel!
Lovely Cottage Garden!
A Beautiful House!
More Garden Space!
The Roserie!
My Salmon Dinner at the Texas Roadhouse!
 So ended the second day of our herbal road trip and I would say it was a very fun and herbally expansive day!  We have the ickies and stickies and now thunderstorms.  I am picking raspberries like crazy and making jam!  It is a very productive year already!  Hope you had a great day!  Talk to you tomorrow.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What fun to go on an herbal road trip. Thanks for taking us along virtually. :-)


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

You are welcome, dear FL! Always a pleasure having you along with me even by computer! xo