Sunday, July 10, 2016

Composer in the Garden!

You could call my friend Lynn Purse, Composer in the Garden which is the name of her blog.  I like to call her the Queen of Color or a Rock Star of Color and Design.  You get the idea.  Her main profession is an Associate Professor of Music Technology at Duquesne University.  She taught my favorite class at Phipps Conservatory a number of years ago on Color in the Garden!  Some of it has rubbed off, Lynn!  I have learned about color combinations and color echoes from Lynn.  We reconnected during those class years because we were in the same class at a local woman's college.  We aren't together nearly enough!  Her garden was featured in the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Town and Country Tour just two weeks ago!  Drat!  Had I known at the time, Bonnie and I would have really gone on the tour.  We had just come back from our road trip and I wimped out at the last minute.  Although it was 90 degrees that day.  So it wasn't an ideal day.  Lynn said that she had 500 gardeners go through her garden.  It was probably because of her description A Garden in the Woods.  It was a beautiful sunny day and so there was a lot of contrast.  Not as ideal day for photos.  I will get another chance later in the week with Bonnie.  So here for your enjoyment and delight is A Garden in the Woods.
A Lovely Herb Circle Before You Enter the Main Garden
This Gate Beckons You to Come in and Enjoy!
The Stone Steps Into the Garden!
A Look Back with Plants on Either Side of the Steps!
Two Wonderful Decks with Opportunities to View the Garden From Above!
Some of Lynn's Color Combos and Lots of Daylilies!
Hydrangea 'Annabelle' at the Back of the Garden
A Stunning View from the Top Deck!

There are Lots of Shady Places to Sit and Relax
Containers with Wonderful Choices of Variegated and Shade Loving Plants
A Bit of Whimsy!
A Seating Area for Dining Alfresco
Some Hostas and Ferns Leading into the Woods!
The Path into the Woods for Angel, the Poodle
A Selfie with Lynn!
Lynn's garden is based on concentric circles as are knot gardens.  When she and Bill bought the house it had been empty for about one year and the deer had taken up residence under their decks.  Soo she waited about one additional year so that she could track the movement of the deer and then they bought deer fencing and installed it.  They installed additional black chicken wire at the bottom of the fence when they discovered rabbits had gotten under the netting into the garden.  With a few additional exceptions, it has worked beautifully.   Bonnie and I will be in the garden earlier on Thursday.  So I will post additional closeups and hopefully the contrast will be better.  Any way it was good to spend time in a Garden in the Woods and with my friend, Lynn.  Hope you had a great day.  It was beautiful here and I picked another batch of raspberries for jam tomorrow!  Almost two boxes of jam already!  Amazing!  Talk to you tomorrow!  


Carol said...

Beautiful! Will be watching for more photos.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What fun! Such a wonderful and peace filled garden. I couldn't see a way to subscribe to her blog, do you know how I can do that?

I'm itching to get out into my gardens before it gets too hot out.

Have a great Monday ~ FlowerLady

composerinthegarden said...

Nancy, it was absolutely wonderful having you and Bonnie here in the garden. Thank you for sharing your visit - you are always welcome here!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I need to post more photos. It was just as sunny on the second day as the first! Never happens in the 'Burgh!

Thanks Lynn! It was wonderful reconnecting with you! xo