Monday, July 18, 2016

My 2016 Trip to England--Breakfast at Pimlico Fresh, St. Paul's Cathedral and Cream Tea at Bea's!

Scrambled Eggs with Chives on Toast and Sausages at Pimlico Fresh!
The Magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral!
A Rose in Bloom in the Cathedral's Garden!
Getting Rare to See One of These!
My Cream Tea at Bea's!
It is sort of a hit or miss day outside.  Started out with rain and thunder early this morning.  Heavy thunderstorms are predicted for later on.  So thought this would be a good day to catch you up on my latest England trip.  As I maybe said in an earlier post I was celebrating my 50th year of my first visit to England in the 60's.  It was my 16th trip to England not my 50th!  The Herbal Husband and I love England equally.  So it is very hard for him to pack me up and get me out the door to visit one of our favorite countries in the world.  I think his other favorite would be France and I would probably say The Netherlands would be a close second for me.

So I really don't do much the very first day after landing.  But I do manage to get a good breakfast.  I quit eating airline food awhile ago.  So going over I usually have dinner before I get on the plane including dessert and that gets me through until I get to my neighborhood mid morning.  I have learned that a little neighborhood restaurant called Pimlico Fresh (no website) serves very freshly made food every day.  So I started going there last year to get my first morning off to a good start.  I love their scrambled eggs.  Eggs in England have such orange delicious yolks and are never refrigerated!  I am drooling just thinking about them!  Then if my room is ready, I go and take a nap and get cards and phones charged up and have a takeaway dinner from Pret A Manger.

Day two has become a tradition.  I go to St. Paul's Cathedral and light several candles for my family, my friends and their families and my English traveling companion and her husband.  Then I meditate under the dome or maybe take a small nap and then go over to Bea's Cake Boutique  for tea and scones.  The last time I had an afternoon tea there, I was disappointed in the sandwiches.  They were interesting and on cute little brioche buns, the fillings were interesting but lacking.  I want my sandwiches filled to the max with filling.  I love her scones though.  So I just decided to go straight away to what I love best, a cream tea!  The scones do not disappoint.  So ends my second day with an Italian dinner of Pasta Carbonara and a Tricolore Salad at O' Sole Mio (no website).  The owners and waitresses are very Italian and sometimes translation is necessary!  They know me there now and take good care of me!  My neighborhood is close to Victoria Station and I just love it and feel at home.

So starts my adventure in England.  Supposed to be nice and cooler and more pleasant the next two days.  So it may be back out to the garden for posts.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you tomorrow!  Cheers!  P.S. I think I am once again caught up with all of your wonderful comments and questions.  Thanks to my regular and once in a while commenters!  You are what keep me blogging!  Because these days I tend to repeat myself!

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Carol said...

It's always a joy to read about your England adventures and to pour over the photos of places I will never be able to visit. You take me away with you :)