Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Visit to the Western Reserve Unit Herb Garden in Cleveland!

Wanted to do a better job of describing our visit with Kathleen Gips to the Western Reserve Herb Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden ("CBG").  The Western Reserve Unit of the Herb Society of America has maintained an herb garden in Wade Park Oval since the mid 1940's.  In 1969 the current herb garden was designed by Elsetta Gilchrist Barnes, A.S.L.A. and built by Herman Losely and Son.  They received awards for their efforts!

This is taken from the Herb Garden Guide from 1999:  "The Western Reserve Herb Garden was designed and is maintained "for use and delight."  Its use is educational:  to give its caretakers and visitors an understanding of the design and of how herbs have been used throughout history.  Its delight is the enjoyment of the scents, textures, colors, scale, design and traditional legends associated with herb gardens through the centuries."  Bonnie and I are always delighted to visit and this time there were the ladies of the unit along with a staff member from the CBG working on the maintenance.  I think I have said this before but I used to be intimidated by this garden, but now I am inspired.  All of the members who work in this garden have a big passion for herbs and educating the public.  It shows ladies in the beautiful precision with which this garden is maintained.  This will be a yearly visit for Bonnie and I.  The unit has a wonderful herb fair (the 71st) on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 10 AM to 3 PM.  We are looking forward to attending!  There is so much more to the CBG and I will show you those gardens in a future post!
A Plaque of the Plan of the Western Reserve Herb Garden!
Beautiful Ornamentation!
Mill Stones and Knot Garden!  Perfect Combination!
A Bed in the Culinary Garden Celebrating the 2016 Herb of the Year, Capsicum!

Can You Find A Weed in This Double Chamomile Lawn?  Amazing!
The Medicinal Herb Garden!
The Hips of the Cinnamon Rose!
A Cardoon in Bloom in the Dye Garden!
The Beautiful Formal Structure of the Western Reserve Herb Garden!
The Terrace Garden
The Herbal Posse!


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