Friday, July 8, 2016

Doing a Bit of Herb Plunking Again!

Back left is lemon bee balm, 'Angel's perfume' scented geranium, clary sage, next is 'French Fringed' lavender, 'Coconut Punch' dianthus, 'Hummelo' betony and 'Blue Mound' rue
As you may know by now, I am an herbal plunker and an herb collector.  I do admit it.  I love the latest and greatest of herbs and so maybe in the end that's the answer.  I just love most herbs and feel the need to purchase them all!  I have tried for many years to come up with a good plan once they are purchased, herbally speaking.  But I buy so many herbs that we just fit them in where we can.  Sometimes we have great successes and other times not so much.  We will see how these perform together.  I just wanted to be able to see them and enjoy them!  So hopefully before the end of the season I will talk about what I purchased and see how each performed in the garden even planting this late.  I usually have everything I want planted by the end of May.  So this is a bit later than usual.  England is to blame!

The ickies and stickies persist in the 'Burgh!  I have been busy picking raspberries and make jam.  I have 16 jars already with another batch set up today to make tomorrow.  I think we are headed to another 100 jar season at this rate.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Talk to you tomorrow.


Carol said...

So is the Lemon Bee Balm a perennial or an annual ? I have a gift from nature plant that showed up in my mulch around the front flower garden.

Carol said...

I thought I already commented on this one but I probably didn't do it right. :)
I can't wait to see what all of your plunking develops into! I pretty much garden that way to with the herbs and flowers. Now I"m off to see what all I can harvest this am. It takes the dew forever to dry off in this humidity :(

Linda Goudelock said...

At least you have the space to plant them! I have no yard and little living space so I have to be choosy about the plants I travel with. I have to bring most in for travel days, then schlep them out once we set up. Good exercise but it does make me wish I didn't have the few pots I have

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi Carol, Lemon bee balm is an annual for us. I don't think I have had it self-sow. We are just too cold. I am always behind with my harvesting and even more so this year because I was gone for two weeks when I should have been getting things organized! Happy harvesting

I don't think I could live without some kind of garden, Linda. I may be down to a few pots eventually, but it will be hard to choose between my favorites!