Saturday, July 30, 2016

Watering Herbs in Summer!

A couple weeks ago my friend on Facebook, Anne asked me if I was watering my herbs in the hot weather.  She has a garden of herbs in containers.  Yes, Anne, we are watering daily and especially our herbs in containers.

Basil, Parsley and mint are generally herbs that can use more water in the summer.  In a container you want to use your finger and get it into the soil down to the second knuckle and work your way around the container and make sure you need to water.  Also if you can give your containers morning sun and some shade in the afternoon it is a good idea.

Different materials of containers heat up differently.  Terracotta is one of the better kinds of containers for herbs that like it dry.  Concrete is another material for herbs that does not get too hot even in direct sunlight.  The only problem with concrete is that it is not easily moved.  Plastic is inexpensive, but it does heat up and if you don't have afternoon shade, you may have to give those plastic containers more water.  You can make any container a vessel for herbs as long as it has holes for drainage, tea tins, oil cans, watering cans, etc.  Metal especially will heat up in direct sunlight.  Grouping your containers so that they shade one another is a good idea.

Herbs like the heat of summer, but if they are newly planted or in a container, you will need to monitor them for water.  We are getting some much needed rain at the moment.  Hope you have a great day.  I will talk to you tomorrow.
Herbal Containers Protected Under An Awning from Too Much Water!

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Carol Samsel said...

Been watering like crazy here with the heat. We did get some rain which put everything into overdrive with the growth race. I including the weeds 😣