Saturday, July 9, 2016

Having A Spectacular Thyme Season!

Just as a huge dark cloud is hanging overhead, I decided to blog from my phone in the garden!  Yikes!  It has been a spectacular season for thyme in my herb garden.  The red flowered thyme on the patio is lovely.  The lime upright in the right corner is beautiful as well.  The rose scented thyme has come off the rock wall and is comfortable in front of St. Fiacre.  What herb is doing well in your herb garden? 
We are getting ready to go to Miss C's graduation party.  So proud of her.  On her way to Penn State in the fall in landscape architecture.  Maybe we had something to do with that?  Will correct the size of the photo later if necessary.  Hope you are having a great Saturday.  We will meet back here tomorrow.
Very Lush Thyme This Year!


Anonymous said...

Landscape architecture is such an interesting topic. It is so important for small home projects as well as building cities!! ...and yes, you folks probably did inspire her with your lovely garden space!
I find that I am running out to clip lots of basil at mealtimes right now. My new lemon verbena plant is struggling a little, after being transplanted and pruned. Hopefully it will stage a comeback.

Carol said...

Your Thyme is lovely!!!

Linda Goudelock said...

Oregano is my only herb at the moment and the pot of it is lush! I clip bits, here and there, to dry for future use. I love thyme and may have to buy some!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I never thought I would be so interested in gardening and horticulture, Bev. Basil needs to be clipped often this time of year. Think I will be making cinnamon basil jelly maybe tomorrow! We finally got one of the two lemon verbenas in a pot and the other will be placed in the ground! Hopefully soon!

Thanks Carol! It has been a wonderful year for thyme.

I am overrun by my oreganos Linda. Will be definitely cutting it back to dry some of it. It grows very easily in a container.