Friday, July 29, 2016

Purple Basil Vinegar and Lemon & Lime Basil Jelly!

Decided to do a double post, basil style!  I think my purple basil vinegar is done AND the lime basil and lemon basil needed to be harvested!  Kathleen Gips always said that growing lemon basil was a waste of time for her because it goes to flower so quickly!  I understand your statement this season particularly, Kathleen.  I didn't have space in the herb garden for basil.  I planted them in my French bowl.  They really went to flower quickly!  And when you don't pay attention!  I may be making pesto instead of jelly!  I'll let you know!  Back to work.  The 90's have gone.  Rain the next two days.  More tomorrow.
Purple Basil Vinegar Done and Lemon and Lime Basil Picked for Jelly!