Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Herbal Space Hog!

My husband has a hard time with the word "thin" and therefore, we get pictures like this one above! The borage (Borago officinalis) is a small plant coming out of the ground and then it morphs into this space hog that buries others in its way. I had to take it out of my herb garden because it had reseeded everywhere it was not wanted. When my neighbor gave me some plants, I was teaching a class on edible flowers and it is a blue one. Two great characteristics! When it first started to bloom though, it was pink! I said to my neighbor, I got the wrong plant. She laughed and said that the blossoms go from pink to blue and she was right. See the photo below. Never eat a whole bunch of any particular flower. Stay away from eating this flower if you are with child. The sunflower is a survivor and the others are cantalopes that will never produce a fruit because there isn't enough time! It's wild. The cantalopes come from the compost that we make in the back of property.

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